The story of the paragon Group began in 1988, when Klaus Dieter Frers founded paragon electronic GmbH at the freight depot of the former railway station in the town of Delbrück (District of Paderborn, North Rhine-Westphalia). In its early years, paragon helped shape the boom in electronics contract manufacturing. The business grew so fast that in 1989 the company moved into newly built company premises in Delbrück.

Pivotal points in the company’s continuing history were its entry into the automotive electronics business, its listing on the stock exchange and the stucturing of new divisions as well as the international expansion.


2023: Extensive cooperation with Clarios regarding low-voltage batteries
  Closing paragon – CARIAD SE confirmed
2022: Signing sale paragon semvox GmbH on CARIAD SE
2021: Sale of the Voltabox financial investment
2019: Profile tuning as technology provider
2018: Transformation of paragon AG into "Kommanditgesellschaft auf Aktien" (KGaA) (partnership limited by shares)
  Acquisition of SemVox GmbH, LPG (Lautsprecher-Produktions-Gesellschaft mbH) and ETON Soundsysteme
2017: Voltabox AG flotation
  Acquisition of HS Genion GmbH
2014: Production start for battery packs in USA
  Electromobility spin-off with dedicated brand into subsidiaries Voltabox Deutschland GmbH and Voltabox of Texas, Inc.
2013: Production of battery packs and spoiler systems
2012: Opening of sales and marketing subsidiary in China
2011: Development of a module for electromobility
2010: Full concentration on the automotive industry
2009: Comprehensive restructuring of the entire group
2007: Initiation of Artega® spin-off as reference object
2005: Entry into the market for car media systems
2004: Start of business with display instruments
2003: Takeover of the Bosch air quality sensors division
2000: paragon AG flotation in Frankfurt a.M.
1999: Premier for patents for acoustic sensors
1998: Production of components for operating controls
1995: First paragon air quality sensors in automobiles
1993: Start of development and production of sensors
1991: Factory for electronic services in Zella-Mehlis
1988: Foundation as electronics manufacturer in Delbrück