Fine dust, pollen, microorganisms, viruses: there are many particles in the air that can affect our health or well-being.

This also applies to the interior of a vehicle. This actually represents a particular danger. Pollutants often get into the vehicle interior and are stirred up and sucked in while driving.

Fine dust sensors and electrostatic filters ensure clean air

The technologies used by paragon also enable high air quality in the vehicle interior - and thus carefree and healthy driving. Even the smallest particles and even viruses can be filtered out with our solutions. The key to this: powerful fine dust sensors and high-voltage plasma filters.

Our high-voltage plasma filter filters out fine dust and ultrafine dust particles as well as viruses from the air in the car interior. Our new development, DUSTPROTECT, once again sets standards in the industry and increases the performance of filter systems in vehicles many times over.

Feel comfortable, healthy and safe with smart monitoring systems

Our fine dust sensor DUSTDETECT measures the concentration of ultrafine dust in the interior and in the outside air and continuously passes on the measured values to the vehicle so that, for example, ventilation flaps can be opened and closed at the right time or the occupants can be informed about the air quality.


Sebastian Schrader
Director of the Sensor Technology Division