Lithium-Ion batteries – the art of batteries

paragon develops high-voltage battery systems using lithium-ion cell technologies based on FSD technology. This includes all aspects relating to a high-performance price/capacity/energy density ratio as well as future-proof concepts with a view to battery safety, life cycle management and application cycle management. All designs (round cell, prismatic, pouch) are used with a focus on LFP and NMC chemistries.

FSD – flow shape design

FSD is the solution to the discussion of “cell-to-system” and “cell-to-vehicle” - especially when there are challenging installation space requirements or weight limitations. FSD offers weight advantages with 100% usable installation space and noticeable cost savings. Development times and investment costs are reduced. FSD enables concepts for redundant concept design including the creation of multi-battery systems. Predictable thermal concepts with high insulation capacity, shock and vibration resistance, crash resistance and fire retardancy are combined with simplified assembly, better service friendliness, increased service life, higher load capacity and greater range with the same weight and installation space.

FSD licenses in the area of drive batteries are also awarded to interested partners.

Traction batteries

In the area of (high-voltage) drive batteries, we offer demonstrably highly efficient solutions that are characterized by lightweight construction and high system reliability. Here we develop customer-specific solutions with you at the forefront of technology and produce and deliver them based on state-of-the-art processes and systems.

Battery Management Systems

Our battery systems include our in-house battery management systems (BMS), starting with stand-alone solutions, through CAN and LIN networked applications to ASIL-correlated systems or solutions that take CyberSecurity into account. We develop, produce and deliver BMS control devices individually according to customer requirements.


Markus Barth
Head of Power Division