Communication and entertainment are increasingly important – even on the move. The perfect driving experience is therefore not complete without being able to speak and hear in the best quality.

Whether it's road noise cancellation, in-car communication or external sound: The demand for high-performance microphones and speakers in and on vehicles increases from year to year. Electromobility and autonomous driving will continue to drive up this demand.

Our audio systems: from standard to high-end

With our comprehensive range of audio systems, we cater the automotive industry. We supply technologically leading products for both the premium sector and mass business.

Our aspiration: We want to be the trendsetters on a profoundly changing market. In the interest of our constantly groundbreaking innovations, we work in a multidisciplinary manner, using the different areas of expertise of our group to further expand our position as market leader.

We set new standards in the sector with trendsetting innovations

One of our latest developments is the "perfect speaker". It is only half the size and half as heavy as a conventional speaker, but it delivers the same performance. That way, it not only saves space, but also helps to reduce the weight of the vehicle.

We are also setting standards with our systems for in-car communication: Thanks to high-performance belt microphones and headrest speakers, it's possible for vehicle occupants to hold a normal conversation even in a convertible with the top down, doing 111 mph.

Electromobility and autonomous driving awaken new needs

Electromobility will continue to increase the demand for innovative audio systems as it changes the perception of noise inside the vehicle: There is no longer any engine noise but wind and rolling noise are perceived more clearly. Therefore, the future standard equipment of a vehicle will include road noise cancellation systems and external speakers to generate external sound.

Autonomous driving will also mean that multimedia content is used more intensively than previously has been the case. The future lies in individual seat audio systems which require complex system architectures. Our range already includes suitable solutions for entry-level, mid-range and high-end requirements alike.


Dr.-Ing. Dirk Olszewski
Director of Electro Acoustics Development Divsion