paragon has played an important and leading role in the automotive industry for more than 35 years. The business model is based on proactive product development which is also tailored to the need of the consumer, pursuing the goal of providing solutions for tomorrow's mobility. As a result, most of our products are not developed on request from the customers, but we rather anticipate current mega trends at an early stage and implement them in the development and design of our products. At the same time, we are characterised by efficient, highly automated and easy scalable manufacturing. This allows us to provide technological solutions for different platforms and car manufacturers with attractive conditions.

From the global megatrends of climate change, digitization and urbanization we derive products which are relevant to the automobile value-added chain. On this basis, we address the fields of innovation which are essential to the paragon business model and are covered by four specialized divisons:

  • Sensors
  • Interieur
  • Kinematics
  • Power

The focus of "Sensors" and "Interieur" divisions, which are assigned to the segment "Electronics", is on improving comfort and health protection for passengers. Whithin the segment "Mechanics" in the division "Kinematics" lies the emphasis on range extension through adaptive aerodynamics; other interior product contribute to comfort improvement.

In the "Power" division, paragon develops high-voltage drive batteries based on FSD technology. FSD offers weight advantages with noticeable cost savings; paragon also offers this technology for licensees. Battery management systems tailored to customer requirements are integrated into drive batteries, but also offered individually.

We are the market leader in each of our product fields, either in Europe or even globally. Thus, with our technological solutions, we occupy an influential position on the market. Over the years paragon has continued to develop and on average has grown much more quickly than the market in automotive business – and we are continuing this process resolutely. We have made it our goal to expand the position we have achieved in a sustainable manner, and to elevate the group to a new level over the next few years by expanding our international presence. paragon is ready to gain promotion to the "Premier League" of automotive suppliers.