There are many gaseous pollutants in the air that can enter the vehicle interior while driving and can affect our health and well-being.

Smart monitoring with air quality sensors ensures clean air

The technologies used by paragon also enable high air quality in the vehicle interior - and thus carefree and healthy driving.

Our highly sensitive AQS air quality sensors detect dangerous pollutants outside the vehicle. They continuously pass on the measured values to the vehicle so that, for example, ventilation flaps can be opened and closed at the right time or the occupants can be informed about the air quality.

Feel comfortable, healthy and safe through ionization

Our AQI ionizers complement our market-leading air quality sensors for vehicle interiors. They reduce germs and bacteria and bind fine dust particles and odors - thereby promoting the well-being of the vehicle occupants.

High market presence due to many years of technological expertise

We have over 30 years of experience in the area of sensors and climate systems. We stand for cutting-edge technology, based on the know-how of our own sensor element development and production as well as extensive application experience that is unique in the world. Consequently, we are the world market leader in this area.


Sebastian Schrader
Director of the Sensor Technology Division