Enthusiasm, maximum well-being, pride in one's own vehicle: the interior determines what a driver associates with his vehicle and what emotions he experiences while driving.

What is crucial is the harmonious ensemble. Seeing, hearing, smelling and feeling must give the vehicle occupants a consistent impression - and impress them in such a way that the journey remains in their memory.

Smart instruments and controls offer perfect driving experiences

A driver is also supported by a variety of instruments and controls in the cockpit area, which are also subject to increasingly higher and more complex requirements. We offer the automotive industry a wide range of solutions for this.

These are not only technologically groundbreaking, but also impress with their extraordinary design, the use of high-quality materials and the highest workmanship - regardless of whether they are digital or analogue instruments and displays.

Digital applications are revolutionizing vehicle interiors

Examples of this are the integration of smartphones and especially wireless charging. With our patented active cooling system, the mobile phone stays cool even during high-efficiency charging according to the Qi standard. paragon has been a member of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) since 2013. With our decades of expertise in electronic components in the automotive industry, we provide decisive impetus in the development and series use of such smart solutions.

Make the vehicle occupants' stay in the vehicle as pleasant, as entertaining and as relaxing as possible. The goal: After the journey, the vehicle occupants must notice that they felt completely comfortable.

That's why we work intensively on future concepts and attach great importance to our innovation capabilities. We are perfectly equipped to do so, thanks to our diverse expertise from our broadly positioned fields of business.


Markus Barth
Director of the Interiors Division