23-10-2012 | Press releases

Premier for a novel Sound Generator

paragon will be celebrating a premier at eCarTec, the leading trade show for electromobility from October 23 to 25 in Munich. The exchange-listed direct supplier to the automobile industry will focus its presentation on a novel Sound Generator which has been installed in a demonstration vehicle.

The Sound Generator from paragon ensures that vehicles from the assembly line can have a unique sound. The desired sound will be synthetically modulated in its full dynamic range appropriate to the situation. The digital sound system uses cutting edge methods from sound synthesis and signal processing. Modern algorithms generate the freely programmable audio signals in real time. When used in electric vehicles, the device enhances awareness and in doing so reduces the potential danger for pedestrians considerably. However, the virtual background sound also makes it easier for the occupants to adjust to the absence of an internal combustion engine. The Sound Generator is even of interest for vehicles with conventional drive; many a diesel or three-cylinder car can be made to sound like a race car as desired. More products: Zero Emission System and cTablet Docking Station In addition to the Sound Generator, paragon will demonstrate in Munich the Zero Emission System which has already been validated for use. The system features a modular battery pack including battery management system, charging system, motor controller and DC/DC converter as well as a cockpit system. paragon is targeting this system at light commercial vehicles used in urban and in-company transport. Of particular interest is the cTabletDocking Station for perfect integration of a tablet computer in the driver's cab. paragon has now expanded this product to meet special requirements for fleet management. The paragon stand at eCarTec 2012: Hall B2, Stand 405