07-03-2019 | Financial news | Press releases | Corporate & Ad-hoc news

paragon benefits in 2018 from Technological Upheaval in the Automotive Sector and Grows by 50 Percent

Delbrück, Germany, March 7, 2019 – The management of paragon [ISIN DE0005558696] expects a continuation of its dynamic growth strategy despite the current difficult market environment in the automotive sector. According to the forecast, Group revenue in the current fiscal year should increase by around 25 percent to € 230 to 240 million with an EBIT margin of around 8 percent. In particular, the Sensors and Digital Assistance units will contribute to this in the automotive business. However, the largest growth driver will once again be the subsidiary Voltabox AG in the Electromobility operating segment, whose revenue should increase in the range of 60 to 70 percent to € 105 to 115 million.

  • Preliminary revenue of € 187.4 million above the recently increased forecast range (€ 180 to 185 million)

  • Preliminary EBIT doubles to € 15.2 million; preliminary EBIT margin of 8.1 percent as forecast

  • Preliminary equity ratio of about 50 percent; solid cash position with more than € 40 million as of the end of the year

  • Significant revenue growth to € 230 to 240 million with around 8 percent EBIT margin expected

  • The largest growth drivers remain electromobility and digitalization