01-02-2011 | Press releases

News all-gear sensor for manual transmissions

paragon AG is extending the leading position it already occupies in the field of automotive transmission sensors with the introduction of a new product. The publicly listed tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry has developed a new type of all-gear sensor as a specific addition to its drive train product range. Unlike its competitors’ products, paragon’s all-gear sensor, for which a patent application has been made, can recognize which gear is about to be engaged the instant a gearshift is initiated.

Just a few months ago, paragon demonstrated a new type of start-stop sensor featuring inductive distance measurement combined with a patented ball-bearing locking bush or screw. It dispenses with the need to integrate magnets as is the case with standard Hall sensors. A further plus point is that the start-stop sensor is easy to install or retrofit. This contactless all-gear sensor is capable of more functions than just those of a start-stop sensor. It is ideally suited to recognizing the gearshift about to occur in a manual transmission. This new product, which can also be used as a neutral position sensor, recognizes which gear step is intended even before the gear has been engaged. Its particular sensitivity and accuracy, due to a unique inductive configuration, provides drivers with a number of convenient benefits, such as smoother and, at the same time, more rapid gearshifting. It also offers vehicle manufacturers commercial advantages because there is no need for a separate reverse gear sensor. “This new all-gear sensor extends still further our range of products in the growing drive train sector. It also allows us to offer several solutions for the latest start-stop systems. Later this year we will be introducing further drive train sensors which vehicle manufacturers will need for future applications”, explained CEO Klaus Dieter Frers.