08-06-2011 | Press releases

New Dimension in Hands-Free Phoning in cars

A new product from paragon AG has joined the company’s ranks of automotive products for hands-free telephoning. The Universal Phone Tray features a coupler antenna that connects to any kind of mobile phone or smartphone. The result is a new dimension in automotive telephoning that makes adapters for specific types of cell phones superfluous.

paragon has been developing hands-free telephone systems for the automobile industry for well over a decade. For quite some time, individual adapters for specific types of cell phones were standard for hands-free telephoning. Today, makers of both automobiles and cell phones employ Bluetooth technology so that in most cases, a mobile phone will operate nearly anywhere in a vehicle. However, this apparently convenient solution does present some major disadvantages. Since contact to the mobile network has to go through a mobile phone, it means that the signal is always struggling to get past the barrier presented by the passenger compartment. Thermopane glass also resists penetration by telephone signals. The result is greatly diminished signals, more radio waves in the passenger compartment and a greater drain on batteries. With the paragon solution, the phone simply rests in the Universal Phone Tray, which picks up the antenna signal from the telephone and relays it to the exterior antenna, regardless of type, model, or location on the adapter. A USB connection and the adapter cable that comes with the mobile phone are all that is needed to recharge the phone. The Universal Phone Tray also saves money since it supports GSM 900, GSM 1800 and UMTS 2100 with no need for a compensation amplifier. “The Universal Phone Tray is the latest addition to our Media Interfaces product line. We are offering car makers an excellent opportunity to enhance convenience and safety while driving and telephoning simultaneously. Years of experience in this market have flowed into the development of this product,” says paragon CEO Klaus Dieter Frers.