More safety and comfort, less stress and danger: High-performance instruments and operating controls as well as assistance systems and AI applications in the vehicle make for relaxed driving and a safe arrival.

Numerous innovative technologies are used in the process. They make sure that the users are provided with intelligent support for various tasks.

Dynamic development for our voice assistance systems

Our intelligent voice assistants set new standards on the market. Millions of vehicles are already equipped with our semvox technology – and there are more and more each day.

Our systems become more powerful each year and can execute an increasing number of commands and tasks. Their significance when it comes to communication between humans and vehicles is therefore rapidly increasing.

Artificial intelligence turns our assistant into an intelligent companion

By incorporating more and more methods of artificial intelligence, our assistance systems become intelligent companions. They are capable of providing the users with proactive, task-related, individual and multi-modal support. Or in other words: They know what the users want before they have even said it.

To achieve this, we combine multiple futuristic technologies. That's because an intelligent companion must know who the current user is, which preferences he or she has and what decisions he or she typically makes in certain situations. Only then does it stop simply obeying commands and starts thinking intelligently and in advance.

Smart instruments and operating controls provide perfect driving experiences

The driver is also provided with support by a number of instruments and operating controls in the cockpit area. These are subject to ever more demanding and complex requirements. We supply the automotive industry with a wide range of solutions for this purpose.

They are not only technologically groundbreaking, but also impress with unusual design, the use of high-grade materials and the highest quality of workmanship – regardless of whether the instruments and indicators are digital or analogue.


Dr. Ing. Norbert Pfleger
Managing Director of paragon semvox GmbH