Spoilers, sun roofs or loading space covers: The number of moving, electrically driven parts in and on a vehicle is constantly growing.

They are used for convenience but also improve handling. That's because front and rear spoilers, grill shutters, wind screens and wind deflectors reduce the air resistance and thus reduce the CO2 emissions on combustion engine vehicles and help electric cars achieve a greater range.

Global market leader thanks to high vertical integration

We have been successfully active on the market for kinematics products for many years and are the global leader. Our market penetration in the field of moving drive units is very strong.

The reason for this in particular is our vertical integration: We do not only develop, qualify and produce kinematics products but also engineer and build the large part of the manufacturing equipment ourselves. This gives us extraordinary knowledge when it comes to engineering complex multi-joint articulated chains.

Smart actuating technology for the highest level of well-being

Very quiet and smart drives are more and more crucial as engine noise can be transmitted via the bodywork. Our drive systems are therefore engineered so that they are acoustically optimized and fit even in the small(est) installation spaces. 

We have a unique competitive edge: we build on our expertise in production technology and the superior acoustics knowledge of our colleagues from the Listen & Act field of activity. This way, we cater for even the highest demands quickly and flexibly.

In the interest of our customers: From individual to modular

Even though our products are constantly being resolutely tailored to the requirements of our customers, we pursue a modular strategy of uniform parts. This means that we are not only in a position to deliver with very competitive conditions, but the use of largely standardized parts also ensures the highest and constant quality.


Jörg Hellwig
Director of the Kinematics Division