Lithium-ion batteries – the art of batteries​

paragon develops, produces and supplies leading-edge battery systems using state-of-the-art lithium-ion cell technologies. This involves all aspects of the high-performance price/capacity/energy density relationship as well as future-proof concepts with a view to battery safety, life cycle management and application cycle management. All designs (round cell, prismatic, pouch) are used, with a focus on LFP and NMC chemicals, together with a pilot development involving the most modern conventional and solid systems. Our battery systems contain our in-house battery management systems, starting with a stand-alone solution to CAN- and LIN-networked application all the way to ASIL-correlated systems and solutions that factor in cybersecurity.

FSD – Flow-Shape Design​

FSD is the solution to the “cell-to-system” and “cell-to-vehicle” problem, particularly in the case of challenging installation space requirements or weight limitations. FSD provides weight advantages for a 100% usable installation space and significant cost savings. The development times and investment expenditure are decreasing. FSD enables redundant design concepts including the creation of multi-battery systems. Predictable thermal concepts with excellent insulation properties, shock and vibration resistance, crash resistance and fire resistance are combined with a simplified assembly, improved ease of servicing, increased service life, great resilience and extended coverage – with the same weight and installation space.​

Starter batteries / LISB​

Our starter batteries form a portfolio of in-house standard products combined with customized solutions from the conventional sector or FSD. The systems can be provided as stand-alone solutions or networked via the vehicle bus with different stacks and services.​

Buffer batteries​

Our buffer batteries are the perfect addition in BEV wiring systems, hybrid topologies or in a multi-battery system. They are lightweight and compact, but still designed for maximum security.

Traction batteries​

We offer proven highly-efficient solutions for traction batteries that are characterized by a lightweight design and excellent system security. We develop customized solutions with you here, at the forefront of technology, and we produce and deliver these solutions based on state-of-the-art processes and systems.


Markus Barth 
Head of the Power operating segment