Particulate matter, pollen, microorganisms, viruses: The air is full of particles which can have a detrimental effect on our health and well-being.

The same goes for the interior of a vehicle. It even represents a particular hazard. Harmful substances often penetrate the interior of the vehicle that are swirled up and suctioned in while the vehicle is moving.

Air quality sensors and particle filters keep the air clean

The technologies used by paragon make for high air quality inside the vehicle – and thus worry-free and healthy driving. Our solutions filter out the smallest particles and even viruses. The key: high-performance air quality sensors and high-voltage plasma particle filters.

Our highly sensitive air quality sensors detect harmful substances inside and outside the vehicle. They continuously transmit the measured values to the vehicle so that ventilation flaps, for example, can be opened and closed at the right time, or the occupants can be informed of the air quality.

Our high-voltage plasma particle filters filter particulate matter, ultra-fine dust particles and viruses out of the air inside the passenger vehicle. Our new development, DUSTPROTECT, sets new standards in the sector and increases the performance of filter systems in the vehicle many times over.

Feel well, healthy and safe with smart monitoring systems

Our Air Quality Conditioners and Air Quality Improvers complement our range of market-leading sensors and filters for vehicle interiors. They reduce germs and bacteria, and bind fine dust particles and odours – thus benefiting the well-being of the occupants of the vehicle.

Our latest developments: Vital data sensors and systems for child presence detection. Whilst our vital data sensors measure and display the central health values of the vehicle occupants, the child presence detection system detects whether a child has been left behind in the vehicle – these kinds of systems save lives!

Large market shares thanks to many years of technological expertise

We have more than 25 years of experience in the field of sensor technology and climate systems. We stand for cutting edge technology based on the knowledge gained form our in-house sensor element development and comprehensive application experience. Consequently we are the global market leader in this field.


Sebastian Schrader
Director of the Sensor Technology Division